Cycle of Good.

If you cycle, you may want to consider donating your old inner tubes to Cycle of Good – a company in Chilomoni, Malawi where people are combining battered old bicycle inner tubes from England with locally printed cloth to create wallets, pocket wallets, purses, glasses cases, pencil cases, phone cases and panniers. The company also […]

Black Pepper and Lemon Bread.

The yogurt, lemon and pepper all come through to make this a flavorful bread – good enough to just eat plain. I also like it toasted with a little vegan spread, and Husband likes it with Lotus spread (then again, he’ll eat pretty much anything if you put Lotus spread on it). 200ml plant yogurt […]

We Did The Big Sleep Out!

I’m sorry it took me so long to write a blog about it, but we did it! And we even managed to raise some money lol. If you’re on my Instagram, you’ll have seen some of the pictures; if you’re on my Twitter, I’ve been sharing videos too. Take a quick peek if you fancy; […]

When the Razor Blade Becomes My Friend.

TW; self-harm, suicidal ideation. Honestly, even by my standards, this one is quite fucked up. . . . Sometimes, I really do believe there is a future. I can almost reach out and touch it, it seems so real And achievable. I know what I want; I even have a plan to get there.   […]

The Big Sleep Out 2019.

We’re doing this! On Thursday the 21st of March, Shea and I will be spending the night ‘sleeping rough’ at the University of Leicester. We’re doing this to raise money for The Bridge – Homelessness to Hope, a wonderful Leicester charity that I recently began volunteering with. The Bridge are open 6 days a week, […]

Peanut and Lime Sauce.

This. Is. The. Best! We’ve had it with salad, with udon, and with roasted vegetable wraps. Shea likes to team it with sriracha mayo; I like to keep it plain and let it shine. And it couldn’t be easier to make; Juice of 2 limes 2 tablespoons of peanut butter (crunchy or smooth will both […]